What Are My Digital Photos Like? (Part 3 of 6)

Photos-iconThis is part 3 in a 6 part series on my digital photo library.  Quick jumps:

From part 2, you can see the massive increase in photos I’m taking. At some point I’ve hit a tipping point and photos are just being snapped all the time. So, what was I using to take photos?


From the first graph, the first little bulge happened in 2007/2008. That would imply that the iPhone was being used, but I didn’t have an iPhone until 2009 as shown above. Yet I was taking more pictures. I think what happened is that while I didn’t have an iPhone, plenty of other people did, and now I didn’t look so weird having a camera glued to my hand. Many more people were taking photos, so it felt more socially acceptable to take more. You can see that I started using the iPhone as soon as I got it (an iPhone 3G). The point-and-shoots didn’t disappear right away, though. While I was definitely taking photos with the iPhone, the quality of those weren’t great compared to regular point and shoots, and point and shoot cameras rapidly improved during this time. I now had better quality point and shoot cameras, and I was using them a lot. These were also the years our kids were entering school, so while photos had started trailing off earlier (how many toddler photos do you need) we now had a whole new reason to take them.

But what was most interesting was the next bump, starting in 2011. We discovered DSLRs, and boy did they take great pictures. Starting in 2012, I started using that camera more often, and you can see in the yellow bars that the number of photos just exploded. I found the “sport mode”, and spent hours shooting action shots of the kids playing kickball, running, jumping in the pool, etc. The last interesting bump here is in 2014. By now my wife had really gotten into the “take pictures” bug with her iPhone, and I was too. I think this is because of social media – it is so easy to snap a picture and post it to Facebook. Also at this time, my daughter got a phone, and well, yeah…

One last note on the DSLR and the cheap cost of storage. While not on this chart since 2015 is not done, I shot pictures of a play my daughter did at the local community theatre. I shot these photos in “RAW” mode with the DSLR. I took over 800 photos of one of the performances. Yowza

I’m Using Different Cameras, But What’s the Ratio?

The above bar chart is interesting, but let’s reorganize it as a percentage – how much am I using different cameras?


You can see that the point and shoots are basically gone as a percentage of total photos (note though that there were 394 photos with point and shoots in 2014, yet only 286 in 2000, representing all pictures). The iPhone is gobbling up more of a percentage, and clearly, I need professional help because I’m snapping DSLR pictures like there is no tomorrow.

(Part 4: How Much Disk Space Do My Photos Take?)

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