Man Made Global Warming is Real, but the Earth is NOT Dying

I came across this blog post, and I think it says everything I believe. I’m tired of hearing about how the earth is “dying” because of global warming. It isn’t. It is we who will die due to what we are doing. The messaging that we need to stop pumping carbon in the air to “save” the earth is stupid and it needs to stop.

When I invariably get into an argument with somebody about anthropomorphic (meaning, man-made) global warming, here is what I see from the climate change deniers, from their first argument to last argument…

  1. Earth isn’t warming.
  2. Earth is warming, but not because of humans.  This has several sub-arguments as to why it is warming, all of which are provably wrong.
    1. Sunspots
    2. Volcanoes
    3. “It changes all the time”
    4. Mars is also getting warmer and there are no power plants up there (seriously, some dipshit in Congress made this argument).
  3. It’s changing, and maybe we did something, but if we do anything to try to change it, we’ll just make the situation worse. It will also destroy jobs.
  4. Even if it is changing, and we had something to do with it, earth will go on. This is usually accompanied by a George Carlin clip in one of his specials where Carlin mocks the environmentalist movement.  I think this clip is amazing, because it is really subversive.  While it mocks environmentalists, it makes the true case for environmentalism – that if we don’t do something, we’ll all be dead.  Of course, the subversiveness is buried very deep, and your every day convervative-libertarian, frankly, isn’t that smart.  Think about it – Reagan adopted “Born in the USA”, a song about how conservative policies destroyed the steel industry, as his theme song for his 1984 election, because it had a rousing chorus.

If you look at these arguments, it can be frustrating. Because argument #1 is entirely different from argument #4, yet deniers will go through all 4 of these arguments in order to justify not doing anything.

So, let’s be clear. The earth will survive even if we make the planet uninhabitable for ourselves. There are 7 other planets in the solar system (sorry, Pluto), and they are all surviving just fine. They all orbit the sun and rotate in various ways and some have seasons and storms, and there is nobody living on them. And earth will continue to orbit the sun and there will be tides and seasons and storms and there will even be life on it in some form.

Doing something about global warming is not about saving the earth. It is about saving ourselves. It is about ensuring that our children don’t have to go suppress a civil war in some oil rich country due to a massive drought that causes a government to collapse. It is about having reasonably priced food because there is plenty of potable water around to grow industrial crops. It is about our children’s children being able to live in the same city their grandparents lived in because it hasn’t turned into a dustbowl.